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Enter Mænaam, where opulence meets grace. Founded by Jaya Kothari, our creative director, we craft exquisite, handcrafted fashion pieces that redefine elegance. From Thailand's heart, we blend rich craftsmanship with opulence, seamlessly uniting tradition and refinement.

Mænaam derives its significance from the Thai language. In Thai, "Mæ" (แม่) means "mother,"and "Naam" (น้ำ ) means "water." This combination symbolizes the nurturing and ever-flowing essence of water, which is vital for life and growth. It signifies a harmonious connection to nature.

At Mænaam, we draw inspiration from this meaningful union of "mother" and "water," infusing it with the spirit of our brand. We believe in nurturing the art of luxury through impeccable finishes and sustaining its timeless elegance with the finest fabrics, just as water nourishes growth. It's a reminder of our commitment to creating timeless, elegant, and artful fashion, deeply rooted in the cultural and natural heritage of Thailand.

We are committed to perfection. Our creations transform fashion into an eloquent expression of grace and sophistication. Every piece tells a timeless story of beauty and quality. Discover Mænaam's collections and experience luxury redefined.